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December 22, 2017

The Latest Trend In Laser Hair Removal

Showers or hot baths or anything like that it was always to apply a good amount of SPF on a day-to-day basis or if you’re going to be out in the Sun because you want to protect your skin throughout the laser process you just have to make sure that your skin is protected it doesn’t mean that you can’t go on holiday or anything like that I mean I went on a fair number of holidays whilst I was getting my laser treatment done and my skin was absolutely fine trying to think if there’s.

Anything else that I’m missing to tell you guys because it’s like so much information in my head that I feel like I’m forgetting to tell you guys okay so if I fast forward ten now I am I want to say % hair free one of the biggest misconceptions of laser hair removal is that it’s permanent nothing is permanent when it comes to your skin if you have hormonal changes if you go through pregnancy or anything like that your skin is an organ and if you have any hormone imbalances hair can grow.

Back even though you’ve had laser hair removal so that is one massive thing to bear in mind I personally haven’t obviously gone through any hormonal changes or gone through pregnancy or anything so when it comes to my current situation and the areas which are a little bit more stubborn than others are slight areas on my face and my bikini those are the two areas which are a little bit more kind of funnily enough also my elbows I randomly get like patches of hair on my elbows and we have.

No idea why I think it’s because my elbows are constantly like like stimulated and it might be stimulating the hair to grow back those are the areas that I generally have a little bit of hair that comes back when it comes to my hair removal now I don’t shave my legs or wax my legs or Pilate my legs or anything to my arms anything to my body because I am pretty much like hair free and I’ve got to say hand on.