Laser Hair Removal Tips You Need To Learn Now

To stop this is too much I would just power through my two hours of laser hair removal sessions and just yeah get get on through with it so that gets us on to the next question how long did it take so depending on the area that you had doing so if you wanted to do something like just your legs that’s going to obviously take the least amount of time in comparison.

To do your whole body if I just give you a rough example for me it used to take me two hours to do my full body so you could kind of like divide that up into like upper and lower so like an hour for your legs or like an hour for your upper body so you.

can kind of like estimate how long it will take but also if you are like super super tall then it’s also going to take you longer because you’ve got more skin to kind of cover so someone has said I’ve seen some people get like black spots on their face when they were having a laser did you know I did not have any black spots I didn’t get any pigmentation if anything my skin got better with this laser I actually benefited from the laser so I was so lucky that I didn’t get any kind of side.

Effect and to be quite honest this laser is one of the best out there in the market that really gives you results but there were times where I had like perfume on my neck and it would burn my neck so whenever I did get any laser burns we would always make sure to put lots of aloe vera lots of like pseudo cream and really kind of wait for that skin to heal up I did actually get burnt on my arm right here so I’ve got two little spots but they’re actually fading away.

so you can actually get burnt in it but you’ve just got to be really really careful when it comes to making sure your skin is really clean I’m obviously always working with makeup products and beauty products and things like that and yeah I must have had some sort of makeup or perfume or something on my skin.