Why Is Everyone Talking About Laser Hair Removal?

You can get burnt but you’ve just got to be really careful so one of the questions is is laser hair removal permanent and I’ve already answered this in this video it is not permanent it is I want to say like semi permanent it all depends on if you have any hormonal changes if you have a baby etc etc so there are different factors that can make your hair to start growing again it’s not always very like common but it can happen next we have how many sessions did you need so I had about.

Nine sessions this is all dependent again on the person if you’ve just got very very very coarse hair which grows fast then obviously that’s going to take you a little bit longer so it all depends on your personal like hair growth so it’s all down to the individual you can’t take my experiences of what I to do and think yeah you know it’s going to take me nine sessions.

what it could take you six sessions or it could take you sessions like you just never know until you actually start getting the treatment done but on average they say it takes between six to eight sessions and obviously mine was mine’s a little bit higher someone says does laser lighten your skin and I wouldn’t say that it lightens your skin it does improve like the light quality of your skin almost like I feel my skin is so much softer and just so much more like I don’t know if like glows.

In a way it definitely affect my skin that way I have actually noticed that my underarms are so much lighter than they used to be so when I used to shave and I used to have quite dark underarms but since having tasered unlike my dark underarms have completely disappeared so someone actually asked a really interesting question and that was what was my form of hair removal before Laser so I always used to Pilate I personally find titillating to be the most convenient like fastest like foolproof way of me to remove my hair I did actually.