Why Is Laser Hair Removal So Famous?

Know About Laser Hair Removal

We are driving to a very strange location somewhere I have never been bandit’s because of the woman in backseat’s Diana physics girl yeah we’re gonna go get a consultation for something overspecialization now it is look.

I’m not gonna keep you in suspense laser hair removal we want to talk about the science that makes laser hair removal work I told him about this idea last like probably year ago and then I was going to do init July or August I’ve been waiting for this moment there yeah so now I’m good now you’re scared here we go oh yes hit stinks directly into your nose yeah laser blazer.

Various Ways To Do Laser Hair Removal

Flashes that that’s the smoke that comes off smell yeah how was that shot the laser we’re using has a wavelength of manometers Laser Hair Removal meaning it is infrared radiation invisible to the naked eye but without an infrared filter the camera sensor picks up the laser pulses which in my case were six at time each one lasting about and milliseconds we dialed it up a little redialed it up.

Just yeah nice ready the laser will now deliver joules of energy per square centimeter oh wow that one you’re really yeah now we’re talking oh my god alright so you’re gonna wanna watch this whoa oh my god that is what you’re saying might burst did you see that yeah it looks like likes shoot out of the OK Corral is what that looks like hairs are just getting my slaughtered that is amazing.

That is an awesome shot that’s it that’s realistically have no idea that it was the shootout at the okay that makes me it really kind of reignites my excitement about my job and we get even closer on this next methadone be cool so what’s actually going on here well dark eyes skin and hair contain molecule called melanin and melanin absorbs a wide range of wavelengths flight.